Episode 1

Construction sites : reconstitution and evolution of soundscapes

By Mylène Pardoën & Martin Guesney

Sound clip


Being an integral part of urban life, Notre-Dame is immersed in a very rich sound environment. Notre-Dame Cathedral is a building with its own acoustics, its own sounds, but also those that surround it – there is no such thing as complete silence. Throughout the different periods that the cathedral has existed, these atmospheres have evolved. They immerse the cathedral (urban atmospheres, river atmospheres, those related to its construction, maintenance, restoration, etc.). They inhabit it (atmospheres within Notre-Dame, related to worship, the presence of religious officials, worshippers, interior work, etc.). The archaeology of soundscapes makes it possible to make these atmospheres, which have disappeared today, palpable to our ears.

M. Pardoen & M. Guesney, “A l’écoute de Notre-Dame. Die Soundscape der Pariser Kathedrale. Jahrhundert,” in Musiktheorie, Virtual sound spaces of the pre-modern. An interdisciplinary research field of digital humanities, T. Weißmann (Ed.), Laaber Verlag, Lilienthal, 1, pp. 55-63, 2022.